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Writer of Red Hot novels

Ingrid Isom Smith

Dynamic hip hop personality turned urban romance novelist, Ingrid is a loving wife and mother, who loves to entertain and bring Dirty south life with a raw and witty style.
Photo of writer and poet, Eric Montgomery Cover of Multifarious Dimensions of Meh: A poetry collection by Eric Montgomery
Poet and Writer

Eric Montgomery

Eric Montgomery has always enjoyed writing, whether short stories or poetry, though he never thought about publishing his writing. His most recent book of poetry, Multifarious Dimensions of Meh, was published thanks to a friend convincing Eric that he should publish his poems.
Eric also wrote a children's storybook called, Actions Speak Louder Than Words. As a working professional, he’s constantly faced with the frustration of people’s inability to do what they say they will. This made him wonder if he could create a story to help children learn how their actions speak louder than their words.
When Eric is not writing, he also enjoys photography, road trips, vegan cooking, and reading poetry aloud on his podcast "Poetry is Not Dead."
Photo of writer and poet, Eric Montgomery Cover of Multifarious Dimensions of Meh: A poetry collection by Eric Montgomery
Prolific Writer & Xenofiction Adept

Rebecca Mickley

Rebecca is founder of Studio Prey. Her library card was a ticket to adventures beyond the world she knew. The stories Rebecca gathered along the way changed her. Now she seeks to do the same for her readers.
The first steps of a new people are taken in hope yet come at a great cost and often, personal sacrifice. There can be no dawn without first enduring the night.
Nightmare Gods:
All Skye Worthington wanted was a job; a way to make ends meet, keep the lights on, and her stomach fed.
The fates had other plans.
A wrong turn, and a sputtering engine herald her entrance to an ancient truth...
Little does she know it, but hidden within her mundane world lurks a world of light, magic and nightmare. An ancient evil begins to awake, and she may be one of the few that can stop it.
Image of the cover of Rebecca Mickley's book, Dawnbreak (The Farthest Star Book 1) Ghosts of the Nightmare Gods by Rebecca Mickley
Writer, Creative, and Passionate Support of the Writing Community

Mary Schmidt

Mary L. Schmidt writes under the pen name of S. Jackson, and she is a retired registered nurse, who won the coveted Leora B. Stroup Bachelor of Science in Nursing Award for outstanding clinical performance, community involvement and academic achievement in Nursing Award, while at Fort Hays State University. She is a member of the Catholic Church, and has taught kindergarten Catechism; she has worked in various capacities for The American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Cub and Boy Scouts, (son, Gene, is an Eagle Scout), and sponsored trips for high school music children. She loves all forms of art but mostly focuses on the visual arts; amateur photography, traditional, and graphic art as her disabilities allow. Her husband, Michael Schmidt aka A. Raymond, rounds out this co-author duo.
Mary L. Schmidt's book, Her Alibi image of Mary L. Schmidt
From Ireland, with Affection

'Love, Cadhla'

is a new release from Mad Mountain Publishing. This 5x8in paperback edition

consists of 500 Quotes formatted within a Celtic-style journal designed by Cadhla Logan. For the past

eight years the Dublin, Ireland lass has worked with Irish Heath and Bog, an independent publisher

with several Bestsellers in its catalogue, most notably the long-running

Calendar For Writers


Image of Cadhla Logan's book, Love, Cadhla: 500 quotes on Love and Kindness in a Lined Journal
Indonesian Artist and Illustrator

Keni Aryani

For Book Covers and Interior Art Scenes
Keni Aryani's artwork for the cover of Edge O. Erin's book, Odin's Tillit
Fantastic Fantasy Writer

Anna Tizard

Anna Tizard writes wildly imagined fantasies spiked with unexpected, metaphysical themes. Inspired by the surrealist word game of Exquisite Corpse, which she plays on her podcast, Brainstoryum, each unique story is based on random word combinations for a bizarre and enlightening journey into the imagination. Play the game and seek with her at http://annatizard.com. Subscribe, and be privy to secret stories. Who knows? You may even inspire the next tale in The Book of Exquisite Corpse.
Image of cover of Anna Tizard's book, The Empty DangerImage of the cover of Anna Tizard's book,

Sloane McClain

"Big surprise, I'm a romantic. I love stories about knights and Highlanders. I love strong Alpha males, but I want them to have equally strong women for their partners.

The mystery surrounding King Arthur has always been a favorite subject and it led me to wonder what would have happened if there was more to the story. What if the sword, and other swords, were more important? What if he had sons who survived? These questions and more led to the birth of my Sons of Pendragon series."
Image of cover of Sloane McClain's book, Dragon's Grace (Sons of Pendragon Book 1)Photo of author Sloane McClain
Experimental Electronic Music Artist

Armageddon Speaking

from Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Original music that will pulse through your veins and open up your mind