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Introducing the prequel to TERRAFORM CHARLIE,


Don't mess with a clone-hating coral-chipper with a prosthesis.

"Crux of a whipscrew!" A chip of red coral found a gap between Claire's shield and work-shirt, and it stung like a bee. But that discomfort paled in comparison to the invisible sliver that steadily wormed its way into her mind.

Her very own family and the Ghan elite were using her dearly departed sister as a vehicle to achieve global rule and facilitate a colonisation mission to a distant world. It pained her even more than her prosthesis.

That her sister Mariot might still be alive fuelled her desire to use her affiliation with a resistance movement as a vehicle to redeem - if not rescue - her and bring down the reigning plutocracy.

But the Ghans' and Graces' power, combined with the vicious clone Riot they animated, and some of the inhuman men they lorded over, represented a force that might only, at best, be circumvented.

Image of the front cover of Legacy of Seconds which is a prequel to Terraform Charlie
Mock cover for the colonization fiction book, Terraform CharlieMock cover for Time Sneak: EmergenceMock cover for Odin's Tillit

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"Mariot" by Vika Coppens

Antagonist in Legacy of Seconds

Mariot, aka Riot, the Ghan’s preeminent clone, might cut you & gut you or heel-kick you into unconsciousness. She has also been known to sex people to death. Her beauty is fatally flawed, by near perfection. In Legacy of Seconds, Claire could not have picked a worse enemy.
  • Vika L. Coppens is a Belgian independent artist, illustrator and author who loves to capture the deepest emotions of humanity and transforms them unto the canvas by using a variety of art techniques using materials such as chalk, pastel pen, pencil and acrylics.

  • Claire wants her sister back!

    Don't mess with a clone-hating coral chipper with a prosthesis.

artistic creation of Mariot, a character in Legacy of Seconds and Terraform Charlie